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Hyperfocus – The Ultimate ADHD Superpower

Today I want to talk about Hyperfocus. The best thing about having ADHD by far. It is one of the 5 ADHD Superpowers, and it’s my favorite. It is the ability to attend to one thing to the exclusion of all else. That means you can write a paper, and the house could burn down around you, and you wouldn’t notice… Okay, that’s maybe not the best example of its power. But it brings up my first point ... Read More about Hyperfocus – The Ultimate ADHD Superpower

Anxiety and ADHD

Anxiety is a tricky beast. It can mask the symptoms of ADHD with its own, and it can also be caused by ADHD. It is actually one of the most common comorbidities of ADHD. Followed in close second by Depression. This is especially true in women. Please take the time to check out this List of ADHD Symptoms in Women when you’re done here. Now…  Here are some signs your anxiety may ... Read More about Anxiety and ADHD

5 ADHD Supermama Superpowers

Hey Y’all, I’m here today to tell you all about your ADHD mama superpowers. Yep, you my friend, are a bonafide supermama. We’ve all dealt with the adverse effects of ADHD far too often and for far too long. The thing is, it’s not just something you have to cope with. Instead, it can become a comfortable part of who you are. In truth, there are many parts of my Atypical brain that I ... Read More about 5 ADHD Supermama Superpowers

💕 Feeling Overwhelmed? Get "How to Beat Overwhelm ADHD Style" for free 💕