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Hey, I’m Kami!

I’m so happy you’re here! You may not know me yet, but I help ADHD mamas create routines and habits. So, you can spend less time on to-dos and more time with your family.

My mission? Teach other awesome moms how to harness their ADHD Superpowers, Streamline Family Management Routines, Create Lasting Habits, and Live an AMAZINGLY ATYPICAL Life! 

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I’m Here to Support You!

Whether you’re curious about ADHD, undiagnosed, newly diagnosed, or a seasoned squirrel I’ve got your back mama! Here’s how I can help:

1:1 Coaching

Unleash the best version of yourself and live the AMAZINGLY ATYPICAL life you want by designing systems for your unique brain.

I no longer do open enrollment for coaching but if you’d really like to work with me use this contact form and I might be able to accommodate you.

The Blog

Free content about all things ADHD, parenting, and of course squirreling! 🐿️
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Slay Your ADHD Day

Join other mamas in a priceless community and learn to develop routines and habits that will set you (and your family) up for success in every walk of life!

New on the blog:

What Your ADHD Loved One Wants You to Know

I want to talk about something near and dear to my heart. What your ADHD loved one wants you to know. It is so hard for neurotypicals to understand us, and part of that is because we don’t really know how to tell them what’s going on. Our symptoms are so intertwined with our sense of self we struggle to tell the difference between them. So, I’ve compiled a list of things I wanted my neurotypical loved ones to know about me in hopes that it helps you understand your loved one a little better.

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