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8 Reasons Moms May Have Undiagnosed ADHD

We’ve all heard the terms Depression, Anxiety, Mommy Brain, Mommy Overwhelm, and Overly Sensitive. Yet, we’re rarely told that all these things can be heightened with ADHD. Women are largely underdiagnosed, and moms, like you, around the world, are suffering in silence because of it. Here are the top 8 reasons moms are left with undiagnosed ADHD, even when their child is diagnosed. Why Women ... Read More about 8 Reasons Moms May Have Undiagnosed ADHD

Mommy Overwhelm or Something More?

         Having trouble keeping up with chores? Always late or missing appointments? Maybe you’re two seconds away from curling into a ball and crying? I’d bet you answered all of the above, and you’re deep into Mommy Overwhelm. I know that feeling when the baby’s crying, the kids are arguing, the phone's ringing, the oven timer is going off, and you’re standing in the ... Read More about Mommy Overwhelm or Something More?

The ADHD Frustration Shutdown

I am in frustration shutdown mode. That point when things that were new and exciting and had all the incredible potential and possibilities feels hard and impossible. I’m at the point where I usually quit. When my ADHD brain starts to wander, and I can no longer convince myself, it’s fun or essential. The next step inevitably has been giving up. I refuse to give up this time. In fact, ... Read More about The ADHD Frustration Shutdown

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

           I was having a conversation with my mom not too long ago. I was telling her about starting my blog. I was so excited about fixing up my website to how I want it and writing posts about a topic I love, but I was also terrified. I was in a frame of mind that I shouldn’t even be thinking about doing something like this. How can I possibly ... Read More about Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

💕 Feeling Overwhelmed? Get "How to Beat Overwhelm ADHD Style" for free 💕