5 ADHD Supermama Superpowers

Hey Y’all, I’m here today to tell you all about your ADHD mama superpowers. Yep, you my friend, are a bonafide supermama. We’ve all dealt with the adverse effects of ADHD far too often and for far too long. The thing is, it’s not just something you have to cope with. Instead, it can become a comfortable part of who you are.

In truth, there are many parts of my Atypical brain that I wouldn’t give up for anything in the world. They’re what makes me, well – ME! They’re my Supermama Superpowers, and I’ve vowed to only use them for good!… Guess what?… You have them too. So, use them responsibly because…

“With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”

-Yes, I’m quoting Spiderman

1. Crisis Control (The cool as a cucumber superpower)

             The first of the ADHD mama superpowers is magical indeed. There’s something amazing about the ADHD brain when a crisis arrives. Our minds have the ability to function normally (some even say better) when things are new and exciting. Which can give us a boost in certain situations.

I had a terrifying moment on the playground once:

A student fell from the monkey bars and hit his head. With a face covered in blood and him and all his buddies wailing, I became instantly focused. I was able to assess his injuries in moments and enact a calm, rational plan amongst the chaos. I bet you’re thinking of a time everyone around you went crazy, and you were the only one with a clear head. I told you, you have powers too. 

2. Last Minute is the Best Minute

         I swear I don’t condone procrastination. Yet, should you find yourself falling victim to the procrastination bug, this ADHD mama superpower could save your life, or at least your job. I have found that I do my best work last minute.

Yes, I realize lots of people say this, and it turns out to be untrue. That’s because we’re not like everyone else… Neurotypicals are rarely more productive under pressure. Us, on the other hand, we gain clarity and focus.

Then knock out a 10-page research paper the night before it’s due and get an A (I’ve actually done this multiple times). Like in a crisis, something just clicks in our brain that allows us to do whatever we need to do and do it well in a very short amount of time.

3. Daydreaming (The fantasy superpower)

         This is the second most often used of all the ADHD mama superpowers. Though I must say again, I am not promoting procrastination, or daydreaming when you should be working on something important.

When I say daydreaming, I don’t mean imagining yourself on a beach while in a classroom or a meeting. I mean…

Dreaming of life goals, using your imagination to create art or write a novel, and thinking outside the box to solve problems

Having ADHD means you pay attention to a lot of things all at the same time. It’s what makes it so darn hard to focus, but it can also be fantastic. I dreamt up this blog while sitting in a waiting room one day. I’ve daydreamed an entire world that I’m currently putting into a novel.

Taking time to daydream when it’s appropriate can expand your thinking and give you a chance to let your inner creative take the reins for a bit. Who knows what amazing things you can dream up with this superpower…


4. Multi-tasking

         Oh yes, the thing everyone puts on their resume but can’t actually do. In my opinion, there are different definitions of multi-tasking:

  • Some say it is doing more than one thing at the same moment.
    • No one can really pay complete attention to more than one thing at the same moment, not even us.
  • Others define it as working on multiple tasks in the same block of time.
    • This we can do. We have the ability to quickly switch between tasks without missing a beat.

I actually recommend it to help break up the monotony of longer tasks. I like to have multiple projects running at once. That way, when one gets boring, or I hit a block, or my mind wanders, I can switch to something that reengages me.

Right now, I’m working on three posts at once. If one gets boring or I can’t figure out what to write next, I can switch to another post and write there. This way I’m staying productive even when my brain starts screaming, let’s do something else.

5. Hyperfocus (The best mama superpower)

         The backbone behind many of the other ADHD mama superpowers above, Hyperfocus, is our ultimate superpower.

Hyperfocus is achieving such a heightened state of focus that you no longer notice anything else around you. The only things in the world are you and your task.

It takes a long time to learn to control your Hyperfocus, but once you do, everything in life gets so much better. At least it did for me. I graduated from college with three kids in the house, purely by harnessing the power of Hyperfocus. There was enough noise in my house to wake the dead, but I didn’t lose focus on what I was doing unless someone physically touched me… In fact, I trained my family to do this in case of an emergency 😜.

Bonus: Kryptonite 

         Remember that your ADHD Supermama Powers are a big responsibility. So, if misused, they can cause real harm to your life. At one point, I thought my older girls might burn the house down (or some other catastrophic event) and not tap my shoulder to release my Hyperfocus. I had to learn safe times to let myself slip into Hyperfocus, like when there’s another adult in the house. Oh, and try not to make the subject of your Hyperfocus be purchasing things on Amazon you don’t really need. Trust me, that’s a whole other can of worms you don’t want me to open 😉.


Well, there you have it. All the things that make you a Supermama and how to use them wisely. I hope that after reading this, you feel a little bit better about yourself. I mean, come on girl, you’ve got SUPERPOWERS! Go out there and use them to conquer the world!… Well, maybe just use them to conquer your life and kids first. No matter what you choose to do, just remember you got this! For more ADHD mama advice check out: How to Give Yourself Some Grace

Until next time…

💖 Kami