I’m Kami, founder of The ADHD Mommy. I’m mommy to three wonderful daughters, and at the time of writing this, I’m pregnant with my last child and the only boy. 

For years I felt stupid and like a bad mom, wife, and daughter. 

While on the surface, I wasn’t actually bad at any of those things. I have a BA in education. I’ve raised intelligent, kind, and self-aware children. All of whom are growing into the strong women I’d always imagined them to be. I have a husband who loves me for me, and parents who will drop everything for me when I ask. So, why was I feeling like a failure at everything?

Well, to sum it up and tie it in a neat little pink bow… ADHD. Everything in my life was and is a struggle. 

I didn’t get my BA until 34 years old. Not for lack of trying in my early years. I went to college straight out of high school and dropped out. I went 4 more times and quit before the last one finally stuck. 

That last time was when I’d finally figured out how to use my undiagnosed ADHD as a superpower and created a series of life-hacks that dealt with its negative side. All along, battling against something unknown. That knowledge came from a later journey.

At home, I live in a graveyard of forgotten projects, organizing systems, routines, and everything else needed to be considered a “good” mom. I had to learn to accept, we are not a normal/neurotypical family. I redefined what it meant to be a good mom and never looked back.

I still had doubts, worries, and feelings of inadequacies in every other part of my life.

I started to search for something, anything, that could explain why my life was so different than everyone else’s. That’s when I found out more about the underdiagnosis of girls/women with ADHD.

I had found my passion… Educating other mothers about a treatable disorder that could be ruining their life. Being a mom is hard, it’s harder when you have a child with ADHD, and even harder still if you AND your child have ADHD.


Here at The ADHD Mommy I’ll:

  • Provide gender-specific ADHD resources
  • Help with seeking out an accurate diagnosis
  • Healthy ways to cope with daily life struggles
  • Strategies to navigate the unique challenges related to both motherhood and ADHD. 

I have revolutionized my life, and I couldn’t be happier. Of course, I still struggle with ADHD symptoms and some days are better than others. It never ends but it does get better. I’ve learned to harness my ADHD, and I can teach you to seize control of yours too. Join me in becoming AMAZINGLY ATYPICAL!

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