Getting & Staying Motivated on Mondays

Have you just had one of those relaxing weekends that you wish wouldn’t end? Finding it hard to think about Monday without dread? Well, you’re not alone. Monday can be the hardest day to find motivation. It’s even harder to get going when you have ADHD.

So, how can you get and stay motivated on Monday?

I personally love Mondays, but that wasn’t always the case. Mondays meant the start of things I really didn’t want to do. Unfortunately, we often have to do things we don’t want to. So here’s how I found my Get Up and Go…

Make Your Alarm Your Favorite Song

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         Everyone has that one song. You know the one… the second it’s playing anywhere you can’t help but smile and/or sing along. When I was first retraining my brain to like every day of the week, I set my morning alarm to a different song for each day. Each day I needed a different kind of start, and I chose a song that went accordingly. Monday was I Gotta Feeling by Blacked Eyed Peas. I woke up feeling like it was going to be a good day. It was a song I couldn’t snooze either because I needed to hear it, or it’d be stuck in my head forever. Find your song today and set it to wake you up next Monday.

Positive Affirmations to be motivated on monday

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I know for a fact that positive affirmations can change your life. The more positive vibes you can create, the better. I made it a habit to write some of my affirmations on colorful stickies and put them around my bathroom mirror. Every morning I woke up to my uplifting song. I stumbled to the bathroom to be met by color and positivity. How could the day be bad after that? I have a list of positive affirmations to get you started.

Upbeat Commute

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         Whether you’re taking the children to school or going to work, you have to keep your mood up along the way. Personally I like listening to a podcast or audiobook with a positive message. It doesn’t have to be self-help. It can be a comedian you like or a book you’ve been reading for fun. Anything that will keep your mood light. If you have kiddos in the car, you can listen to Kidz Bop or a children’s book that you like just as much as they do. If you’re alone, it can be quiet time if you need it. Just remember to keep your thoughts locked in a good place. Whatever you choose, just make sure it keeps your heart light from the good vibes you created earlier.

A Happy Space… so you’re motivated on monday

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         No matter where you work, you can turn your space into a happy space. I once worked at Target as a cashier. I was not very fond of the job, but it paid the bills. I would bring a small pink unicorn toy back and forth to work with me. I am about as obsessed with unicorns as I am with sticky notes… It was the little bit of sparkle in my khaki-filled day. When I got frustrated I could look at my little unicorn and remember that no matter where I was or what situation I was in – I could choose to be happy. Find your little pink unicorn… The thing that makes you feel good every time you look at it… Then, keep it near you all day long. You’ll be surprised how that small reminder can change the course of your day.


         Well, I hope y’all are having a fantastic day. If not, maybe this can help you turn the day around. Remember, Monday is a fresh start. The best day of the week because you have the whole week to look forward to. Stay Positive, Stay Motivated, most of all – have a HAPPY MONDAY!

Until next time…

💖 Kami

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